Are you the problem? 5 key questions to be sure.

difficult people Jan 06, 2020

Often people are 'Difficult' because:

They are not getting the job done that we want them to do in the way we want them to do it. To that person, we are the 'difficult person' because of our perceived inflexibility or inappropriate behaviour.

If you're paying too much attention to how a job is getting done rather than whether the job is getting done to the required standard and within the constraints of the task then you're probably micromanaging, You may be the problem.

Here are 5 key questions to ask yourself in order to reflect on how effective a manager you are:

1. Do the individuals that actually do the delivery of tasks feel like they actually own their jobs and the way they do them? How do I know that?

2. Do I have the appropriate learning and support mechanisms in place to support the team?

3. Am I constantly developing my own skills to best develop and support my team?

4. Am I getting regular feedback from my team that my team thinks I’m doing my job well, i.e., I am I checking with individuals and teams they are getting the support they need?

5. Do I keep my team up to date with how their work fits with the larger tasks their work links to and the purpose of the organisation as a whole?

Most managers can't give themselves top marks on these 5 questions so don't be too hard on yourself. Being a great manager is about constantly reflecting on your management practice and making small changes to constantly up your game.

What one small thing could you start today to make sure you're not the problem and your team is regularly getting the support it needs?


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