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Coaching ensures that you can make and sustain real change in your life. It's also an essential skill for any manager or leader.

Coaching offers the 1-2-1 attention, individual customisation and long-term follow-up that you can’t find in other forms of development.

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Coaches at RapportTech are fully trained and certified and have real-life experience of managing and leading in organisations. So as well as someone who uses the latest coaching tools you also get a great mentor and advisor to help you in your role.

RapportTech offers coaching in a number of areas:

Executive Coaching

There is a new acceptance of the power of coaching now that people see the results that colleagues and friends achieve from working with an excellent coach. Create more choices, recognise and utilise mental strategies for achieving success, get right to the heart of what it’s all about and then take a step beyond. RapportTech is experienced at using a range of coaching approaches and tools including Co-Active Coaching and MBTI™. We can offer coaching packages tailored to the coaching need.

Expert to Manager Coaching

Transitioning from an Expert to a Manager is a common and often stressful experience. Without the right support and coaching the individual and the whole team can suffer and performance significantly diminish. This transition, and the problems that arise, can occur in any knowledge-intensive profession including medicine, engineering and legal services to name but a few.

Expert to Manager coaching focuses on:

  • Easing the path from ‘power through expertise’ through ‘influencing through people’
  • Development of a management style which is the optimum fit for the individual and the needs of the organisation
  • Understanding and developing key responsibilities and relationships
  • Performance Management through the development of key management skills

Manager to Leader Coaching

Becoming a leader where you set the direction can be daunting. It’s no longer about just managing complexity and relationships but also creating the wider vision of where an organisation is going; then communicating it to create real change. This requires a whole new level of thinking.

Manager to Leader Coaching focuses on:

  • Creating the leadership role that fits the individual and the organisation
  • Developing strategic thinking
  • Managing key stakeholders
  • Leading change

 MBTI™ Coaching

The MBTI is the leading profiling tool available today. Backed up by decades of rigorous research and a huge library of information it is one of the most advanced tools for developing self awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

The MBTI is particularly useful for understanding:

  • Behavioural Preferences
  • Appreciating and working with Personal Differences
  • How to play to your natural strengths and weaknesses
  • Team development and understanding of group dynamics
  • How to develop your management and leadership style

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