Free Guide: From Engineer to Manager. Now in edition 2.0

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RapportTech offers learning solutions to enable experts to become great managers and leaders. 

With over 20 years of experience working with organisations across the world, we offer online and in-person coaching, mentoring and workshops:

  • 1-2-1 coaching to accelerate performance improvement
  • Developing coaching skills for individuals and teams
  • Creating and sustaining a coaching culture
  • Effective on-boarding of new employees or existing employees to new roles
  • Successful 'Expert to Manager' and 'Expert to Leader' transition 
  • Project Management skills development
  • Project Management rescue
  • Project audit and consultancy
  • Effective team building and working

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From Engineer to Manager

Transitioning from a position of comfort, competence and expertise to managing people is probably the most significant career transition you will ever make. You need to make sure you get the right support from people who really understand the new demands on you. Our unique course and learning support system provides high-quality training and support when you need it.

Designed and created with the assistance of over 60 experienced Engineering Managers from a wide range of engineering organisations you'll get the core skills to ensure professional success in any engineering management role. To find out more...

“A very comprehensive building block for Engineers transitioning into the role of a leader and manager.  This course content will certainly prepare them professionally, personally and educationally with what to expect and the tools and techniques to assist them dealing with the positive and negative aspects to the role.”
 - David Robertson, Senior Asset Manager at Jacobs


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From Engineer to Manager

8 keys to success for surviving and thriving in any role.

Already used by thousands of engineers and other professionals to inform and focus their career progression. 

Edition 2.0 now available!

  • Extensively expanded, revised and updated
  • Including new self-assessment checklists
  • 40 key questions to prioritise and plan your professional development

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Free Guide Reveals...

  • How to survive and thrive through the Engineer to Manager transition
  • The 8 key strategies to ensure you accelerate your performance and reduce stress
  • Understand and avoid the most common mistakes when you become a manager or take on a new management role
  • Develop great habits that will last your entire management and leadership career
  • Learn what it takes to be a great manager from people who been there and done it
  • Identify essential management skills for any engineering management job
  • Accelerate your engineering management career by focussing your learning on the most important management skills and attitudes

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