Training with RapportTech

RapportTech uses the latest training approaches to create real behavioural change. We pride ourselves on our high standards, the practical nature of our training and the sheer value that we offer. RapportTech has extensive experience of designing and delivering training in-house for when you need the optimal approach for your team or organisation. Examples of training we have customised for in-house delivery include:

Relationship Excellence for Business Development

Critical to the performance of many organisations is the relationship it has with its customers and external suppliers. People buy from people and if this is managed effectively this can create a significant competitive advantage. This course explores practical and effective tools for building great rapport with clients and suppliers to ensure optimum performance, client loyalty and job satisfaction.

Coaching at Work

Coaching as a style of management and leadership has become a critical factor for effective managers. It is now well understood that coaching is an effective and efficient method for developing individuals, improving performance, building commitment and increasing job satisfaction. This course will give you the essential skills for effective coaching as part of your management skillset.

Build a Better Team

One of the most important challenges for any organisation is creating a climate for effective team working. This course explores innate behavioural preferences in individuals and how these differences can be used to optimise team performance rather than be sources of conflict.

Team Building with MBTI™

The MBTI™ is the leading profiling tool available today. Backed up by over 40 years of rigorous research and a huge library of information it is one of the most advanced tools for developing self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

The Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI™) is an invaluable tool for team building, for both newly formed and existing teams. It will help team members better understand their own strengths and weaknesses and appreciate differences within a team. It will also help a formed team recognise combined team strengths and weakness and what to do about them. The end result is much-improved team cohesion, a reduction in individual stress levels and enhanced team efficiency and productivity.

Conflict Management and Dealing with Difficult People

Conflict is an inevitable part of any organisation where individuals with different values and working practices have to work side by side. This course will show you how to understand and manage working differences using tried and tested concepts and techniques.

From Expert to Manager

The ‘Expert to Manager’ transition is one of the most critical in any management career. To move from being the knowledge expert to the demands of managing people can be a difficult experience and can take a frustratingly long time to achieve success. This course will show you how to navigate this transition and become a truly productive and effective manager of people in weeks rather than months or years.

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