About RapportTech

RapportTech was originally founded in 2003 by John Field with the aim of providing high-quality management training to technologists and engineers.

John originally trained and worked as an Applied Physicist and engineer and brings decades of business experience to his work as an independent trainer, consultant and coach. John’s corporate life was characterised by leading collaborations and troubleshooting roles requiring focus, excellent communications (across all levels) and strategic thinking to bring about successful and sustainable change. John has travelled extensively to work with companies such as Intel, Samsung, Hitachi, IBM and many others and has had a rich and diverse experience of working in a wide range of corporate and international cultures.

John has always had a keen interest in people; how they work, what motivates them and how well they work together with others in different organisations and cultures. John discovered coaching and NLP whilst completing his MBA in the mid-’90s and quickly realised that coaching and related pragmatic approaches offer individuals and organisations highly effective concepts, tools and techniques to fill the gaps that many management and personal development activities miss. He has a particular interest in helping others create great working environments and major work transitions such as from Expert-to-Manager and Manager-to-Leader.‚Äč

In addition to being a registered provider of the MBTI and FIRO-B psychological profiling tools, John has spent years studying with leading thinkers in the field of human development. He is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of coaching techniques, NLP, positive psychology, practical neuroscience, solution-focused approaches and much more.

John is particularly known as a coach who:

  • Accelerates significant career transitions such as ‘Expert to Manager’ and ‘Manager to Leader’
  • Rapidly and effectively teaches managers and leaders how to coach within organisations.
  • Enables teams at all levels to appreciate and work with difference; not only at a theoretical level but also by facilitating putting practical solutions in place
  • Helps organisations create and maintain a coaching and high-performance culture

John has worked with numerous organisations, as a coach, trainer and facilitator. A small sample of some of the many businesses John has supported is included below.

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