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From Engineer to Manager

8 keys to success for surviving and thriving in any role.

Already used by thousands of engineers and other professionals to inform and focus their career progression. 

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  • Extensively expanded, revised and updated
  • Including new self-assessment checklists
  • 40 key questions to prioritise and plan your professional development

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  • How to survive and thrive through the Engineer to Manager transition
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  • Understand and avoid the most common mistakes when you become a manager or take on a new management role
  • Develop great habits that will last your entire management and leadership career
  • Learn what it takes to be a great manager from people who been there and done it
  • Identify essential management skills for any engineering management job
  • Accelerate your engineering management career by focussing your learning on the most important management skills and attitudes

Transitioning from an Expert to a Manager is one of the most important career transitions anyone makes. It's that point in a career where an individual steps away from the expertise they have developed and into the challenging arena of managing other people. The transition can be hugely rewarding and is an essential move to even bigger roles. It can also be a disaster. Individuals can fail in an extremely stressful and career-limiting fashion. Whole teams can fall apart and in some cases, the individual may end up leaving their previously loved profession altogether.

It's likely that you may have already suffered from the management of others who haven't had the right support to develop an effective management style. DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE MANAGERS. Make sure you get the right support to develop your management and leadership career.

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